Iceland – buildings in landscape.

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_MG_4158It is like a painting. All colors are all ready there, and the brush is painting the landscape with light. Highlighting, dissolving and changing the picture as you are looking.


Our hosts of the Stiflisdalur Artsymposium, Margret and Sverrir, took us on three day trips in the area north and west of our base camp. Of course there are hundreds of pictures, and I have to pick just a few. This picture is from “the local” waterfall, and we walked to the cottage, following the river for an hours walk. P1080182

A picknic place like this is of another world.

Impressing sights met us every where. Waterfalls, the lava landscape, mountains…but what was catching my eye was the buildings in the landscape, telling the story of tough people making a living here, in a landscape where nothing can be taken for granted. Farmhouses growing up from the ground, and some on their way back. Little churches, often private ones built close to the homes.

_MG_4059 _MG_4107 _MG_4188 _MG_4175