Art & Garden

My two obsession are tightly linked together. In my artworks I rely on my relationship to gardening, and in the garden the artist is always following, considering shapes, colors, contrasts, – trying to make “the big picture” interesting. As an artist I am inspired by nature, learning from nature, coming to terms with the reality of life, that I am nature, and my life is following the same rules.

I divide the year in two. In spring and summer I spend as much time as possible outdoors. The rest of the year I spend in my studio making art. And then, there is all the things in between. Life is never either-or. It is a mix of the planned and the unexpected. In the gaps I find the most interesting inspirations.

I have trust in the power of the visual language, and I am always searching for new questions to take me out of my comfort zone, exploring new possibilities. Even though I like to work in different techniques and in different expressions, switching between drawing and painting, printmaking and photography, my platform is in printmaking. Nothing can compare to printmaking when it comes to experimental work – for me!

In my blog I will share my journey with you, in and out of the studio.


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