Exploring mokulito

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Four weeks at Art Print Residence seems like an ocean of time, but suddenly I am half ways. I throw myself into the mokulito adventure – again (see more about mokulito in my last post). After finishing the motive, the plate will have to dry, before it is covered with gum arabic. And then it depends on the humidity. Is it sunny and dry, or rainy and wet as it was when I started my first plate, it can take between four days and a week before the plate can be printed. Definitely no time to waste.

I make some rough sketches, and start the process again. As on the first ones, I want to use chine collé/collage with the prints. I do not know how the prints will turn out, and what color the collaged papers should be. Better have a variety to choose from. The sun has come back, it is nice and warm outside. And look who is out for their first promenade. The turtles!! Probably they will love colors. I make an exhibition for them, but they seem to prefer edible green instead of my beautiful colored panels. Well well, I tried.

Ready for printing.