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When an idea occurs, or may be I should rather call it a feeling of progress, I grab my pencil and very quickly make the notes needed for remembering. Weeks later I find my notes, wondering what this is about. The intentions are forgotten, and I am left with some scribble I cannot interpret any longer. Till I find another note…or make a new one, and I realize it is almost about the same. Over and over again I scribble the same, just with a little different twist.

I can relax. Nothing disappears, it just comes back when time is right. I work in a huge circle. Sometimes it feels like I have a hundred different projects going at the same time, and I feel disoriented and stressed. Bits and pieces, and I struggle to keep control. Till I loose the grip and let go. Whatever. Just let me find peace in this plate. The idea dissolves. I do not need it for my work. I need it for getting started. From there I just follow new tracks down the road of creation. Some times it feels like “being created” rather than creating.

I am like the moon, circling around the earth. There is an echo, a resonance deep inside keeping me on track.

Art connects. Through my work I am connected to the big questions, and the little details, where the answer is hidden and never, ever will reveal it´s secrets to me. But I keep questioning by letting my hand grab a tool, leave some signs on the surface and transfer it to a paper. I search for strength, for acceptance, and i leave my gratitude for having this possibility.

These are my latest collagraphs, working on sandpaper glued to a plastic plate. Untreated it would print solid, velvety black. I start picking up the light by adding acrylic media in layers. It is hard, almost impossible, to see what is really there, making the printing even more exciting. I have had quite a few issues going, avoiding the paper to stick to the plate. Thanks to the great solidarity between printmakers I have had a lot of really good suggestions for solving the problem from skilled printmakers around the globe. I say it again, nothing compares to printmaking – and to PRINTMAKERS. Thanks guys!!! ART CONNECTS