Back on track – searching for the core

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For me printmaking is the best way to explore the possibilities of the visual language. Mixing printing processes from drypoint to linocut, adding inkjet prints, trying to make it all dissolve into a unity, not achievable in any other process. The result is one-of-a-kind prints.

From the same plate totally different images can be built, layer by layer. There are layers of paper treated in different ways in beforehand, and layers of plates printed on top. So exciting – and I admit exhausting. On one hand I have to be totally open for the possibilities revealed in the process. On the other hand I need to follow a strict process of how to move along. Right brain and left brain have to cooperate.

Yesterday I was finally back on track after a foot operation mid October. I had stopped in the middle of the process, and it always feels a bit scary to start up again. Trying to grab the loose treads, and also move on, adding something I could not foresee. So here are the first two images. Going darker now.