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In 2015 I spent one month as an artist in residence at Zea May printmaking studio, Massachusetts. Here is a fresh intervju with me. You will find blogposts about the stay  here: and here


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According to the English dictionary “in limbo” means: “to be in a situation caught between two stages, and it is unclear what will happen next.” Could not be more precisely defined. After disassembling my paper studio mid Sept. there has been all these things that has to be done. Which is not directly a part of the creative process. Like …

HOW TO; Carborundum – chine collé plus drypoint/engraving

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CARBORUNDUM – CHINE COLLÉ  and some drypoint My featured picture for this post shows “Nature´s Spirit”. It contains it all; carborundum, drypoint and chine collé. The print was done without any sketch, just starting out painting carborundum, following up with drypoint/engraving. It was a journey of the unexpected. And still, looking at it afterwards I recognize it all. I feel …


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I am deeply concerned about our future on earth. We distance us from nature, forgetting that we ARE nature, that we share a quarter of our genes with a grain of rice Will we be able to turn the negative cycle, or will Mother Earth continue her journey in space without the human race on board? This work is …

My curiosity is a hungry beast

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I do not play because I struggle, but I struggle because I play. When did playing become easy? I think the answer is long time after we left the playground, and are being tricked by our selective memory. Playing means solving serious issues. Playing is the best base for learning. To achieve new knowledge we have to exceed our comfort …

Printing carborundum with chine collé

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  Making the plate is half way. Then comes the printing. I can imagine the plate coming out in a certain way, but during the process the most important is to be open. Focusing on what is ahead,  trusting the eye. That is where it is possible to make art based on a plate. chine collé papers are being prepared …

Printmaking is ruling when it comes to the big questions. 

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What is causing this seemingly unstoppable need for expressing myself visually? Well, we build upon a long tradition leading us back to the first traces of human art, on stones, in caves, and sculpted materials of humans. These paintings connected people. People believed in the power of making signs, that it could influence their lives. Today we have the explanations …


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It was like hitting the wall. I was surfing safely on the wave, creating one print or more a day, sturdy and happy. And then I hit the wall. I was totally unprepared. I had become confident on “how to” in this series of monoprints, and suddenly I did not find the tone. I struggled with the composition, and the …

Travelling the world on my artistic journey, 2015 – 2018

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I always think of what is ahead, the new challenges and how to solve them. There is a constant urge for finding paths I have not walked before. I am lucky, I have everything I need to create where I live. I have great studios, and I have peace and time to concentrate. The only thing I do not get …

Ferdinand Thepress is up and running!

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In my last post my new press Ferdinand was ready for his life´s journey, from Barcelona to Bergen. He arrived in the beginning of July. It was like meeting up with an old friend, and we started our cooperation straight away, – but after the ceremony of course. It was a touching moment when we listened to the national anthem …