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I am deeply concerned about our future on earth. We distance us from nature, forgetting that we ARE nature, that we share a quarter of our genes with a grain of rice Will we be able to turn the negative cycle, or will Mother Earth continue her journey in space without the human race on board? This work is a homage to the process of growth, celebrating the cycle of energy transferred from one form of life to another.


Contemplation, that was what I needed when I started this plate. Being with the plate, letting my thoughts drift, and my hand searching for confirmation in the material – or was it the other way around? My hand lead by the tools, and my mind catching up with what I could see develop? 


I had some rough sketches of details, but no idea how it would look as a whole. That was the challenge, just starting some random place, and build it from there. Letting life forms mingle and connect with each other. Instant evolution!  


Title: “The core of life”. 


Working in a small scale with the motives on a large scale plate (70 x 100 cm) was a challenge compared to how I normally work.


The print is 100 x 70 cm. It is a drypoint/carborundum with chine collé. A small series, with use of different chine collé made on washi, was printed with opaque white Akua ink on Arches velin noir. Three prints were done on watercolour painted Fabriano paper, also these were printed with white Akua ink.