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According to the English dictionary “in limbo” means: “to be in a situation caught between two stages, and it is unclear what will happen next.”
Could not be more precisely defined. After disassembling my paper studio mid Sept. there has been all these things that has to be done. Which is not directly a part of the creative process. Like writing applications while your inner voice tells it is a waste of time…Well, sometimes it pays back. You never know, and not applying is like giving in. Depending on selling artworks is not an option. If so I would really have to run a business, marketing my works, which would steel time – and energy. Exhibitions are of course a great way to be seen by others than family and friends, but it costs. To produce an exhibition you need money, so there is no way around it. Applications are part of the game. Well, I am done now….for a while, and suddenly I  find myself, yes exactly, “in limbo”.

Of course I have plans. Great plans. In March I will be a visiting artist again. I have to prepare it, but what is the best way of doing that? The application writing has got a grip on me, as if writing is a way to move forwards, artistically. For me it is definitely the wrong approach. I know, today a huge number of artists write. They write about plans and ideas, convincing themselves about the importance of their choice of approach, all the way till they are caught in their own spider web (sorry, didn´t mean to offend anybody).

Not my way. I need to be hands on. So, preparing for a new adventure in March, working with pulp paintings, I will turn to Ferdinand MyPress. He has been neglected for quite a while now. After falling totally in love with the pulp, even being addicted to the process, Ferdinand has been left alone, waiting…and waiting. Love or addiction? Hard to tell. But dear Ferdinand, you know I love you too, and will not betray you. Never! We will combine the pulp paintings and printmaking. So simple….