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In 2015 I spent one month as an artist in residence at Zea May printmaking studio, Massachusetts. Here is a fresh intervju with me. You will find blogposts about the stay  here: and here

Travelling the world on my artistic journey, 2015 – 2018

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I always think of what is ahead, the new challenges and how to solve them. There is a constant urge for finding paths I have not walked before. I am lucky, I have everything I need to create where I live. I have great studios, and I have peace and time to concentrate. The only thing I do not get …

Why Zea May?

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  I have a great studio in my home, just perfect for me. I have a room for drawing, painting, digital work etc, and I have my print studio. So what more do I need? Why travel all the way to Massachusetts to work with prints? The setting might be of importance, and the the eqipment of the studio. The …

Artist in residency

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Hi there, you have not seen me for long now – and vice versa. I intended to blog more regularly, but then I did not. It just did not happen. Hope you missed me, and hope you will catch up again. That is what it is all about, i think – hope. It is a totally gray, rainy day. It …