Paper Art for Public Commissions

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POWER is the title of the latest IAPMA bulletin for 20202/2021. IAPMA connects paper artists from all over the world, opening up for hands on information through the bulletin, which naturally is made of paper, including special paper samples. (See more about the member organisation further below in this post ). Reading other member´s articles about their experiences with the …


ellyp Residencies and travel

In 2015 I spent one month as an artist in residence at Zea May printmaking studio, Massachusetts. Here is a fresh intervju with me. You will find blogposts about the stay  here: and here


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In front of the vat, with the pulp floating in water, I move into new landscapes, outside my references. It sharpens my attention and my curiosity. As the dialogue with the material take over, I am totally absorbed. When it works it feels as if my soul is floating along with the pulp. The colours are present in my body …


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It certainly opens up for a lot of thoughts, grinding bedlinen from different homes down to fiber. In early summer I had my Little Critter coming all the way from New Zealand, where the artist, craftsman and inventor Mark Lander, make them by hand. It was like a revolution, being able to grind down fibers without cutting them short as …


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Artworks from my last visit to Awagami factory March 2020   I am the crow. I have been circling around for days. Under me I see Mother Earth. She is constantly changing. Areas covered with fog are now shining under me in vibrant colours. She looks confident on a distance, but when I go closer to get a rest in …

Pulp painting – “Heavens footstep on Earth”

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Day two at Awagami Factory, Japan. I brought a bunch of sketches. The idea was to create a body of work, where each work would be able to stand alone, but also be part of a bigger installation consisting of square formats and organic shapes. I started out with the geometric shapes, and within each piece I would work with …