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Artworks from my last visit to Awagami factory March 2020


I am the crow. I have been circling around for days. Under me I see Mother Earth. She is constantly changing. Areas covered with fog are now shining under me in vibrant colours. She looks confident on a distance, but when I go closer to get a rest in a tree, I can hear her sighing. I can hear her think, and the message from Mother Earth goes like this;





“all my children are precious and irreplaceable for me, from the bees to the elephants. There is a balance to maintain. Everything existing is part of the huge weave of life. Over time I have been increasingly worried about threatened species. I have tried to protect every singel one of my children, but now it is out of my hands. It is all depending on respect between the species, and I have to say, humans have been paying more respect to their own so called needs, than to those of their fellow creatures. We see the result from their greedy, selfish behavior everywhere, in the oceans, in the air, in the forests – and in short, everywhere humans have had an influence. Everything is connected. 

I can feel that the last months have been good for my air though. Also the fish in the oceans are more happy. The forests are recovering. I could have been happy, if it was not for my children, the humans. They suffer so deeply right now. Humans thought they were above the system of life, that the earth was there to be exploited. I cannot rest or feel happy when my dear children are threatened. I hope they will use all their knowledge to save themselves – in first hand – and then mirror the situation to their fellow creatures, in flora and fauna. I am so very, very tired and disappointed. It helps to have less poisoning to handle, – makes me think more clearly. I have been whispering, talking and shouting for long now. Waves in the ocean have raised as wild horses, and the wind has been sweeping through landscapes and cities. I have tried to warn them, in vain. I will not be quiet. I will keep warning them. For the future, humans have to stand up for all my children, for our common future, and that of their own children.” 






Info about the images: all are pulppaintings from my last visit at Awagami factory in Japan. Featured picture is #half the Earth” (1×2) meter. The two squared are details, and the circular is (1×1)meter.