Why Zea May?

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I have a great studio in my home, just perfect for me. I have a room for drawing, painting, digital work etc, and I have my print studio. So what more do I need? Why travel all the way to Massachusetts to work with prints? The setting might be of importance, and the the eqipment of the studio. The space itself, as a neutral area, where I can start something new, is also  important. No sketches, no traces of what I have done before. Seeing with fresh eyes.



Special for Zea May is the long experience with non-toxic printmaking. Over the years I have been exposed to dangerous, unhealthy solvents, and finally my body just could not take it any more. It all came to a point where I reacted on “everything,” and I stopped making prints for years. It was not a waste of time. I learned how to work digitally, combining it with photo based work. Drawing was ok, and watercolors. But whatever technique I have been working with, printmaking is my favorite. No other technique is so well fitted for experimental work.

At Zea May I could catch up with new approaches to printmaking, using as non-toxic materials as possible. Great artists have been researching the new possibilities for years, creating artworks based on experimental use of materials. They are part of the community, working in the print studio, and they give private tutorials, sharing their knowledge.


The building with three different studios on two levels: The community studio, the workshop studio and the Annex. 01P1040265

The annex with the Takash etching press. The day i came, and my last day in the studio.P1050486


First time I stumbled upon Zea May at the web, I just made up my mind immediately. These people belong to the same tribe as me. They are “my people”, and I will go and meet them. I knew it would be perfect, like coming home. I was working in “the Annex”, which is a separate studio where I could work non-stop, whenever I wished to, and I had full access to the community studio. I took part in courses, and had private tutorials. What a treat!

Joyce Silverstone is a printmaker of heart and soul. Her prints are visual poetry.P1050601


Lynn Peterfreund is a real magician with monotypes. P1040574