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It was like hitting the wall. I was surfing safely on the wave, creating one print or more a day, sturdy and happy. And then I hit the wall. I was totally unprepared. I had become confident on “how to” in this series of monoprints, and suddenly I did not find the tone. I struggled with the composition, and the result was totally unmusical. No, I will not show them here. They are gone. Torn into little pieces. I studied the previous ones, wondering what happened, trying to find that little crack which would allow me back in.

I wanted it so much. Too much! I started to instruct the plates, wanting them to fulfill my wish, but of course – art does not work that way. Always this struggle between letting happen, and forcing my will upon an image. I should have learned that by now….  The plates will not listen to me. It is me who is going to listen to the plates, exploring their possibilities, and make it visible. That´s the roles.

I grabbed a new plate, letting the other plates rest for a while. And there we were, the plate and me, cooperating, communicating. The plate revealed some secrets, I questioned it, and it showed other paths ahead. Back on track, and it feels so much better. I will never ever overrule a plate again….not till I forget my promise.

Below you see a series of 6 prints I made from my new plate.

For those of you who follow me on FB or Instagram you will see a video of the printing of one of them there.