Ferdinand Thepress is up and running!

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In my last post my new press Ferdinand was ready for his life´s journey, from Barcelona to Bergen. He arrived in the beginning of July. It was like meeting up with an old friend, and we started our cooperation straight away, – but after the ceremony of course. It was a touching moment when we listened to the national anthem of Catalonia together, in silence. Now we have already spent a month together, and I really feel he has brought with him freshness and new ways of approaching art. 

First picture: Ferdinand is inside!! Yeahhh, and he can peek out from the packaging.














Of course we had to take a double selfie!












Ferdinand is up and running










Lately we have been working on a series of monoprints built up with several loose plates.  I have not seen them together yet, as they are placed between blotters to dry.

























I try not to plan too much in detail. I decide what plates to use, and what I want to focus on, and from there the image follows it´s own agenda.

It is so easy to work with Ferdinand. Before, with my old press, it was really hard work to pull a print. And now, with a press bed of 100 x 150 cm I can increase the size of my works. The whole studio is reorganized, and prepared for huge amounts of large scale monoprints. Thank you to Art Print Residence where I was introduced to Ferdinand´s family members. The residency in Barcelona made me a much happier artist. And a huge thank you to Torculos Ribes who constructed and built my new friend.