I love factories – and Awagami Factory is no exception.

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Days float like a river, sometimes calm and clear, and sometimes unpredictable. It is all about water. Pulp floating in water, linking together, making shiny, wet canvases to work in and on. Every day there is only one question, “what if I try….” No normal, daily life with all the disturbances. I enjoy the life in the factory, working side by side with these skilled crafts people. I see what they do, and I incorporate it in my library of knowledge.












I wanted to work with strong contrasts. Spring was in the air, and nature started to breathe. Hidden life came to the surface.





“Hello little creature! I do not think we have met before, but I welcome you”. That was what came to my mind as this image developed. It is now where it belongs, at the Awagami Factory with the director Yoichi Fujimori and manager Ayako Nonomura.


I become the river, I float along in a wonderful landscape. I do not question the direction, but every now and then I take a little curve. That´s how creativity works. We can plan in beforehand, but when the journey starts the progress is not following a straight line. It curves along, revealing information we could not foresee.

I love factories! When I was a kid, my father was working in a textile factory where they made garments, and I used to go visit. At the moment I opened the door to the production hall, the sewers would look up, each and one of them with a big smile, and I would go between the machines and talk to them all, as good friends. I always felt welcome.

At Awagami Factory a friend would also come visit. Mr. Ishihara would come, very often bringing a gift. He would shine, talk and move on. I miss you Ishihara-san. A look in your eyes and it is like the warming sun. One day when you dropped by our house with a gift, I spontaneously called you Mr. Sunshine. Together with the gift you brought, was a letter about the sun. A coincidence? After that you are my Mr. Sunshine.

Here together with Takuma-san. With guys like you life is good.