The trap of intensions

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If I have an intension, a vision of how my work is going to look when finished, I am limiting it´s possibilities to what I already know. Often when I fall into that trap, I will not be happy about the result. The image does not look like something I could imagine in beforehand.

On the contrary, if I just let go, the picture becomes the key to new experiences. It will add something new to me. Think about it, this picture has never ever been in the world before! Something similar for sure, but this is the moment for this unique piece.

So, do I just play around with no ideas, no intensions? Absolutely not! I always have an idea of what I want to explore. What are the possibilities combining different approaches? The result however, is like a map of the path I followed. Preferably a path I never walked before. Or maybe it was the same path, only this time I turned my focus in a different directions.

The images in this post are one-of-a-kind prints, combining the same drypoint plate with digital prints, watercolour and reliefprint by the use of chine collé.