“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

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Not my words! It is Picasso´s. This is what it is all about. Working consistently. Staying in the process, keeping the flow alive. Knock knock!!! Someone is on the door. It is Inspiration coming to visit.

You better be prepared!


According to my plan I would change approach, starting out from black, moving towards the light. Till now the white base paper had been my starting point. Black was very different. I could not really see how well a white or a colored layer would show on the black, when dry. And I had no experience! Only one way to get it.


I really enjoyed working on the black base paper. Keeping focus on my theme, the dialogue between geometrical and organic shapes.


After a long day at the factory my body would complain. “Give me a rest” it said. And I did. Fifteen minutes on the floor with some really good back exercises was the cure, and then, out in the fresh air, enjoying the spring from the bicycle. The birds were singing, and we explored the neighborhood till the sun went down.