Questioning the pulp – reaching for the stars

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As I did not understand the dialogue between the employees, or being able to talk much with them, I was having a kind of inner dialogue with myself, about clouds on the sky, wondering how it would work out to actually catch one of them, or freeze the blue sky and keep it for rainy days.

Takuma Abe is the visiting artist coordinator at Awagami Factory, plus a lot more. Speaking English like it was his first language, he would be my bridge when more complicated issues turned up, or just having a chat about anything. Thanks so much Tak, for always being there, always helpful.

Introducing geometrical circles, and exploring the kozo pulp, from the very fine to the long fibers like thread.


As a printmaker I transferred my mindset to the pulp, changing between reduction and adding new layers. I did not bring with me a fixed idea of how to approach this new medium. Rather a lot of questions. “What if” is very often my mantra. Now I added a new one, “trust the process”. Together these mantras took me on a journey I could not foresee.

I had now passed the clouds and reached the stars.


My focus was only in front of me, in the frame with the shiny, wet pulp, or in the next image where I would challenge the pulp from another angle. What was done was behind me, and did not get any attention. I accepted everything without judging, being totally absorbed by the process, experiencing how the pulp was communicating with me, revealing it´s secrets day by day.

I preferred to mix the pulp myself, and with the primary colors I could get any shade. Normally, in my own studio, I do everything, and if I don´t, of course nothing happens. Here I had it served! If I needed more pulp, Tak would beat the fibres to suit my need.

Takuma Abe / Tak is an artist himself, and the pulp had his signature.

Also the photos in this post, except for the two with the pulp, are his.