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Waking up this morning I felt so and so about the weather, and as the fog was developing into a thick woolen blanket, and the rain was consistent, I planned for some indoor activities. Enough to pick from. Suddenly something struck me, – it might be an idea popping up from my foggy mind, and a loooong picture was taking shape in my vision. May be a prototype for a bigger thing, or a book? Anything can happen when you just get started, like opening a door into a hidden closet. There they are, all the things you have forgotten, and you loose track of time messing around, finding “stuff”. But is it my “stuff? Or someone else´s stuff? Whatever, ideas come from anywhere, and are a mix of you and me. We all borrow, steal, getting inspiring – or whatever each of us want to call it.

Back to my idea, I suddenly found myself very organized and focused, in my outdoor studio. Yessss, under a roof. Lucky me. And from there, well – may be I should let the pictures tell the rest of the story? After all I am a visual artist. Not a writer. Or a mix of everything, if I just let go and breath life into my visions. They come as they are – the ideas –  dressed in colours or words, or who knows what?

First layer done, coached together as a row, ready for layering

I want shapes floating on top, but still so open that they are seamlessly integrated.

It starts building up, and I choose to add some blue for a more atmospheric expression, making depth to the surface. More of that will take place when it dries.

Finito finale! And I did not even have to cover up the layers to prevent drying! The air is so damp I feel like a fish. As I said, the perfect day for slow processes.