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It has been a while…and a lot of good things have happened. Like March 2018, I spent March 2019 at Awagami Factory, Japan, exploring the world of pulp painting. I will have to come back to that. Too much to include in one post.

Back in my studio in Bergen, I picked up the printmaking tread. Full workout with pulp paintings replaced by wrist movement. Working with the flow of pulp, changing to the resistance between tool and material when working in my plates. Large, floating areas being replaced by tiny, little details building up to bigger shapes. Different personalities in one artist? I do not think so. This is like breathing in and out, the opposites that keep us alive, and links us to the rest of nature. Everything is connected by the pulse of life. The brain demands changing challenges to develop on our way through life. Repetitions is the path to stagnation. So to stay creative I keep breathing, moving and exploring, feeding my hungry curiosity.

I will tell the story of the latest print in my next post. It is not the story behind, as when I start a picture-journey, I do not know where I will end up. So stay tuned!